Team Organization

The Team

• Team members are responsible for all aspects of the project.
• This includes designing, building, and funding the project.
• Open to all students interested in robotics, automation, and project management.
• Students of all disciplines are invited to join.

Team Goals
The team has a multi-year plan designed to sequentially both grow the project at the University of Utah and to be a consistent contender in the competition.

The first year of the project the team is focused on fielding a viable design for the competition and increasing participation in the project. The second year of the project the team will  increasingly focus on refining the previous design and moving towards fully autonomous operation of the robot. By the third year of the project, the team aspires to be a strong contender to win the competition. The project should be self-sustaining by the third year.

Why should I join?

Working on a student project like this makes you a better engineer.  There are things you will never learn unless you work on a project and create something.  This is the exciting part of engineering: getting to create something important that will make the world better.  The Utah Robotic Mining Project gives you experience working with a team on a project that is interesting, challenging and that has actual importance.  Robotic mining might seem a bit dull at first, but it will be crucial to advancing space exploration.  To establish a colony on Mars or the Moon, we are going to need a way to mine resources so we don’t have to transport them from Earth.  It is a really cool project and important to future space exploration.  We could always use more help on the project, and would love for you to join.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining the team, please email the project manager,

The team is welcome to all students from all majors.  If you are interested in building robots and becoming a better engineer, please contact us!

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